4 Steps to Organize Kitchen Appliances


You may have many kitchen appliances or you may only have one or two appliances. Well, how to organize these kitchen appliances? This depends on what type of cook you are. If you are a vegan, your pressure cooker may be front-and-center. If you are a meat-eater, a slow cooker and indoor grill are your best assistants. Well, the blender is mainly perfect if you are a raw food nut. No matter what type you are, the following 4 steps can help you welly organize your small kitchen appliances.

1. Try to purchase multi-use kitchen appliances

If your kitchen countertop space is very small, it is very important to have multi-use appliances, or there is no space for all of them. Check your appliances and make sure their uses are robust.


  • A high-quality blender can work as a blender and a food processor which you don’t need to buy separately.
  • If you already have a waffle iron, why do you need a Panini press?
  • If you don’t use a rice cooker every day, why not use a stock pot instead.
  • TIP: A good rule is to own multi-use appliances.

2. Cut cabinet clutter

The following step is to make your cabinets organized, so that you can get what you want ASAP.


  • If you plan to store the appliances in the cabinet, make sure the cord is wrapped.
  • Store appliances that you may not use daily on higher shelves. You need to buy a step-stool.
  • Through always appliance manuals, because you will seldom use them. You can bookmark them online or save them in Google Docs.
  • If you have pesky, smaller parts (such as attachments to appliances), zip lock bags are perfect for them and you can label them according. This can make your cabinet organized well.
  • Every week choose a day to organize your cabinet.

3. Store kitchen appliances by use

If you have many appliances, you will find you use one or two of them often but use others seldom. This gives us the idea to store them accordingly.

  • You can put our frequently used appliance directly on your counter top or the lowest shelves in the cabinet.
  • Rarely used appliances can be stored at the top of your kitchen cabinet.
  • You’d better assess your never used items. You can sell or donated them, or just throw them away if they cannot work anymore.

4. Maintain and upgrade

If you can always keep your kitchen appliances organized, you will find it will take less time when you want to use them. At least, you should go through your cabinet twice a year.


  • Label each shelf “wine glasses,“dishes”, “food processor”.
  • Keep an inventory list taped to the cabinet door.



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