3 Reasons to Say no to Junk Foods


A friend asked me, “People all know junk food is bad for the body and why do so many people love it, making it so popular?”

Well, this is a good question. For me, it is difficult to answer this question. Sometimes I also eat junk food, even if I know it is bad. What’ a pity, it tastes good. Now, I have to think about this question seriously and deeply. Maybe the reasons I will give you below are not correct, but they represent my thoughts, so here goes.

What are junk foods?

First of all, we need to understand and identify what junk foods are. Junk foods mean the food you eat has little to no nutritional value and most of them have bad ingredients and are high in calories. Most of them are served at fast food restaurants, such as chips, cookies, candy, sugary soft drinks, greasy burgers, french fries, soda beverages, ice cream and so on. You’ll find there are so many kinds of junks foods which have little to no nutritional ingredients and are rich in calories.

#1 Cheap

Obviously junk food is cheap. Even if you only have 1 dollar in your pocket, you can order something. If you have a few bucks, you can order a full meal. The cheap price, I think, is one of the most important factors making it so popular over the world. Fast food restaurants sell these cheap foods and spread them out.

Not only fast food restaurants but also grocery stores serve these junk foods, such as cheap snacks, high fat and high-sodium meals etc. On the contrary, healthier foods or organic foods tend to be more expensive, like fresh vegetables and fruits. For example, you need to pay 1 dollar for an orange, but less than 50 cents is enough for those bags or cups of instant ramen noodles. This means if you want to eat and drink healthier, you need to pay the price.

However, if you eat cheap junk foods for a long time, they are not cheap at all, because their negative impact on your health in the future may cost you much.

#2Easy to get.

Another reason is that they are easy to get. You can get them in convenience stores, vending machines and stores which don’t sell food but sell sodas and snacks near the cashiers. What’s more, these foods are easy to prepare. You can store them in your kitchen cabinets for a long time and open the doors of the cabinets to get them to eat as soon as possible.

Why are fast foods so popular? Because you can order a fast food meal and eat it in less than 2 minutes and you also can take it in your car to eat while driving. Fast foods can save your time but cannot save your life due to its junk features. Also dropped fries may accumulate in your car.

#3 Sweet, Fatty or Salty (Or All Three)

I have to admit that junks foods taste and smell good because of their delicate flavors. They taste sweet, fatty or salty (or all of them). I think people tend to choose delicate flavors other than healthier ingredients that taste not so good. Therefore, picky eaters vote for junk foods with their mouth. However, healthier foods taste a little bitter, so this turns some people off.

People tend to like textures made by various combinations of fat and sugar. Sugar makes food tastes sweet and fat makes food tastes creamy and smooth (like ice cream). Starchy things fried in hot oil can have a good crunch, such as corn chips and potato chips. This doesn’t mean healthy foods don’t have satisfying texture, but they need to take a little getting used to. Therefore, people tend to get something that is easy to get.

A Bad Habit

Once people get used to consume them, it becomes a habit, since they are easy to get, easy to make and taste good. It is a real problem. I am a type II diabetes due to over eating junk foods and drinking these junk beverages. And now, I  have a habit of drinking filtered water and organic fresh vegetables and fruits. Therefore, if the junk foods are your main foods every meal, you should pay attention and changing your food structure can make you far away from many diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and so on.


Foods taste or smell good don’t mean they are healthy to eat. Just remember it and eat something organic and healthy.


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